Judes’ Healthy Choices at Restaurants

Let me take you to lunch! As a foodie and traveler, I love trying new restaurants. As a dietitian nutritionist, it causes me to do so with health in mind. I can find healthy, mouthwatering items on almost any menu. This post is the first of a new miniseries I call “Lunch Date” that demonstrates my healthy choices at various restaurants. As you see my healthful choices, hopefully, it will help you in your restaurant decisions.

We went to Bull City Burger in downtown Durham the other day. Their burgers are excellent, but I enjoyed my meal even more. I ordered a roasted sweet potato without the butter and sugar. I know what you’re thinking, but wait and hear me out! I ordered their Award Winning All Beef Chili and poured some (about a third of it) on the sweet potato.

It was deliciously satisfying, and I didn’t feel deprived! In fact, it had such a good flavor; I took the rest of the chili home and used it to top two more roasted sweet potatoes over the following days. I added a little plain Greek yogurt (tastes like sour cream) and enjoyed it even more. Bull City’s famous beef chili’s flavor is rather strong (and on the greasy side), so a little goes a long way.

For those who want to take it a healthy step further, you can order their Vegetarian White Chipotle Chili instead. This healthier chili would typically be my choice, but I was disappointed with Bull City’s version of vegetarian chili previously. Their beef chili is flavorful and perfect to top a sweet potato. Don’t hesitate to get the vegetarian chili at other restaurants, however; often it’s even better than the regular chili. That’s just not the case at Bull City Burger and Brewery.

Although I’m a dietitian nutritionist, I’m a foodie first; so while my menu picks will be healthy, you can always count on them being delectable. Happy tasting!

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